What if there is an underlying reason you are chronically ill with a microbe that just keeps recurring or shows up at times of stress/inner conflict. What if there are belief systems, thoughts, traumas, and emotional blocks which create a hospitable place for a specific pathogen to stay present in the body? The focus of Microbioenergetics is to identify an inner conflict which is either yours or one which has been passed down through your family lineage referred to as trans-generational trauma.

Microbioenergetics was developed by Miguel Ojeda Rios, M.D. This is a method with its origin in Biomagnetic Pair Therapy discovered by Issac Goiz Duran, M.D. Microbioenergetics uses the same methods of muscle testing and magnet pairs application on the body to address microbial infections. It also weaves in genetics/epigenetics, microbiology, immunology, psychology, embryology, family constellation work, and neurology.

From the perspective of the Microbioenegetics healing method, microbes confront our inner conflicts by creating a dis-ease state to assist in our evolution or survival bringing awareness to imbalance. Each microbe is related to a specific conflict related to grief, fear of loss, inability to tolerate unhealthy relationships, a threat to survival, feeling of being trapped in unhealthy situations or trauma from witnessing a shocking event. This is just a few of the individual experiences which can be addressed as part of the treatment. Because we are asking the body, it is very specific and individualized to the situation impacting you.

Once the conflict is identified in the unconscious or subconscious mind by asking the body specific “yes or no” questions with muscle testing then methods such as “affirmative statements” can be made to correct the negative thoughts or feelings as well as simply tuning into the emotions as they are gently released in a supportive environment. For many, the recognition of the connection with their illness without emotional release regarding a life is enough to start to create positive changes in one’s health. Once the conflict is not where the body has a better chance to resolve the infection, clear it from the body or live in harmony with its presence causing no harm.

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