Every living organism on earth and in the universe is made up of atoms. In humans, these atoms create energy systems inside and outside of our bodies. Energy Healing or Energy Medicine is a practice that focuses on correcting any imbalance of these energy systems or to unblock and invigorate the flow of your body’s energy to improve physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health. Energy Healing can be used to help trigger the body’s own ability to heal itself, correct and release energy blocks, energy attachments, energetic cords with people and places. 


This form of energy work aims to clear negative dense low vibrational energies from people, places or objects. It's recommended to clear energies of our homes regularly especially when moving to a new home, work place, buying a new car or if a place feels heavy and affects our wellbeing in a negative way. I often work with clients who feel dense energy in their families which frequently leads to conflicts or tensions. The energies are cleansed and transmuted back to light. I also introduce vibrations of love, peace and  balance to the space to harmonise the energy.