Lyme Disease and Biomagnetism



Lyme disease is the most common insect-born illness. Typical symptoms include fever, headache, fatigue, and a bulls-eye rash. Even after treatment, many individuals complain of debilitating long-term symptoms  described as chronic Lyme disease. 

However, most people diagnosed with Lyme disease (over 60 percent of cases) don't recall ever being bitten by a tick and yet develop chronic multisystemic symptoms. 

Testing for Lyme is very controversial and often leads to misdiagnosis. Consequently, a lot of people suffer without being able to identify the root cause of their illness or end up being diagnosed with Lyme based on symptoms rather than tests. 

In my experience, after many years of intense research and trying all sorts of treatment options and protocols I came to a few fundamental conclusions regarding Lyme and healing from Lyme. First of all, a Lyme diagnosis itself for many becomes a life sentence due to horrifying stories and common perception of the condition within Lyme community. People tend to believe that there is a host of increadibly resistant microbes attacking their body following a tick bite. The discussions about Borelia bacteria and the so called co- infections such as Babesia, Bartonella and a number of viruses linked to the condition seems to be present in all Lyme support groups and forums. The reality is Lyme is so much more than just those pathogens! In my practice as a therapist I have seen all those microbes in people who present no Lyme symptoms at all. I have also seen them in those diagnosed with Lyme but the actual symptoms were not necessarily linked to the top ones commonly associated with Lyme. The reason why certain microbes become pathogenic and start producing physical symptoms is emotional in most cases. There is a very strong link between emotions and microbes. This is why healing from Lyme is possible once the emotional root cause is identified and addressed. This is also why antibiotics or other protocols don't seem to be effective in treating chronic Lyme because it takes far more than a pill to eradicate the root cause. 

I offer in depth understanding of the mechanism behind Lyme and why it is hard to recover using traditional approach of killing pathogens. I have extensive knowledge about the symbolism of microbes and their role in physical symptoms and biological conflicts. I use Bioenergetics and microbioenergetics to identify and clear imbalances linked to individual symptoms. 

See Healing is possible recovery program created specifically for Lyme and other chronic conditions sufferers. This is my signature program that  offers a  holistic approach to healing from Lyme and other chronic conditions because Lyme is no different from other illnesses regardless of the common belief.