Healing is possible recovery program 


Healing from a complex chronic condition such as Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, ME or chronic pain requires a holistic approach. This is why I have created this recovery programme which combines the main pillars of health that need restoring for optimal and long lasting results. Most protocols available in the holistic or naturopathic therapies focus on dealing with symptoms through supplements, herbs, detoxification or nutrition. These can be very helpful but often not enough to bring satisfying results. In the chronic condition recovery program i have incorporated everything I have learnt during my healing journey initially as a sufferer and then a therapist. Based on my research and observation and also witnessing my own recovery and the recoveries of many of my clients I have created a holistic program that includes all the tools necessary for healing from a chronic condition. In these conditions a specific diagnosis is of secondary importance. What I focus on are the symptoms.

The program is designed for those who are truly committed to heal by following my recommendations. No one should ever expect a healer or a therapist to do the healing for them. A healer's part is to assist in healing and not do it for the client therefore clients involvement and dedication is essential. 



Following an initial assessment consultation the program includes:


  • 5 weekly or fortnightly full Biomagnetic Pair Therapy sessions remote 
  •  Regular 30 min weekly online consultations for guidance and support
  • Full guidance and instructions on how to apply magnets at home for remote session
  • Healing daily routine protocol
  • 2 Emotion Code sessions
  •  1 personalised meditation 
  • Negative thinking patterns and limiting beliefs  reprograming 1 session 
  • Ancestral linage healing 
  • Nutritiinal advice based on kinesiological scan for food sensitivities and deficiencies 


Price £649